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Hans-Eric Grönlund

Welcome to my site

I am a software developer who took my first coding steps on my Sord M5 home computer back in 1985, playing with  Basic and Assembler, and of course the fantastic game Guttang Gottong.

I got my first programming job 1990 and have stayed in the business ever since, as a developer and a manager of software projects. Creating software and writing about it is both work and hobby for me.

About this website

The heart of this site is the weblog, in which I write about things that occupy my thoughts and that interest me.

Besides the blog, I’ll share other resources that you might find useful. These include:

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  1. March 6th, 2015 at 17:07 | #1

    Hi Mr. Hans-Eric Gronlund,
    First of all, thank you for your tech book. It is good.

    My name is Prasad Gollapalli. My company has an app in transportation industry.

    Could you please let me know where I can reach you on the phone? I would like to seek your professional advice on an important aspect of our app as you have an extensive expertise in mobile technology.

    Thank you very much in advance.


    Prasad Gollapalli
    CEO & Founder
    Salebug.com, LLC
    Trucker Tools App & Load Track
    Ph: 703-955-3560 (work)

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