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Automating deployment

I’m a great believer in automating time consuming tasks. Since deploying my rails application (the Forlorn Hope movie site I told you about in my last post) has become increasingly painful I decided to automate it. Today I succeeded. It is not a simple task for someone who’s knowledge in Unix server administration is limited, but I made it! I’m finally there.

The basic ingredient is Capistrano, a rails/rake extension designed to automate the deployment of rails applications (although not restricted to that). I may do a write up some day but for now I will just enjoy my newly won ease of deployment. You know: change a little bit here – DEPLOY! – change a little bit there – DEPLOY! Wah, I love it!

If you don’t want to wait for my write up there are plenty of information on the Internet to get you started. Be prepared for extensive tweaking though.

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Lighttpd the painless way
You need to install the subversion client
How to deploy your first rails application using Capistrano in Windows
Shovel – Rails deployment with Lighttpd

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