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Kill two birds with one stone

I am a very busy man. I have a full time job as a project manager and software developer. In my spare time I am an freelance journalist, writing articles for a Swedish computer magazine. On top of that I am a caring father of two lovely children. Needless to say, spare time is scarce.

Both my job and my writing, as well as my wellbeing, require constant learning. The most convenient way for me to accomplish this is by reading. I love reading books. Tech-, popular science and fiction books – I devour them all.

The only problem is when to do it. I am always busy, either with work or with my family. But the optimizer in me has found a solution: I read while in the toilet. Tech-books are especially well suited for toilet-reading. They are usually well structured and have relatively short chapters. I tend to keep at least a couple of them lying within range.

Of course, I sometimes take unnecessary long time doing my needs, and sometimes my wife complains about it. But you know what they’re saying: a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

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