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I Have a New Employer

When I was young…er a friend of mine barged into a role playing session (Yes I was a nerd. Am.) with the following question: “Do you notice anything different about me?” He had his newly acquired driver’s license taped to his forehead…

I would do something similar now to mark an equally great change in my life, but  I haven’t figured out how to make my newly acquired employment stick to my forehead. So, here it is instead, in plain text:

I have gotten myself into consulting.

My new employer is Know IT, a fast growing Swedish IT company mainly targeting the Scandinavian IT sector.

I’m quite happy with the change. Although I enjoyed the seven years with my previous employer very much, I hope the new position will bring me diversity and professional growth.

If you’re thinking about changing your own work situation, but haven’t found the guts to do so, then I can recommend reading the inspiring post by Justin Etheredge. He, obviously a couple years ahead of me, quit consulting and started his own company. I can totally relate to that. But one step at a time, right?


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